IUI Success


7 Tips for IUI Pregnancy Success

Making IUI work for you!

Are you looking for a low cost procedure to increase your chance of pregnancy? IUI or intrauterine insemination is a safe, simple and relatively low cost procedure to increase fertility.

Your doctor will place a soft tube via your vagina through the cervix to place sperm directly into the uterus. This process is especially beneficial if you have very thick cervical mucus that makes sperm crossing into the uterus difficult or if you are allergic to components in sperm.  Here are seven tips for increased IUI pregnancy success:

1.       Know your ovulation cycle.  IUI is best performed a day after ovulation.  You can purchase an at home ovulation kit to check your urine for LH hormone (a surge of LH hormone happens right before ovulation) and basal body temperature.

2.      Use “washed” sperm specimen.  This means that the non-sperm material and inactive sperm has been removed.  Concentrated sperm will also increase your chance of becoming pregnant.

3.      No need to douche or use expectorant to reduce cervical mucus.  Remember the tube will bypass the cervix and the mucus covering the cervix.

4.      Using fertility medications such as Clomid before IUI will increase ovulation and numbers of eggs released from the ovaries; an injection of Human Gonadotropin Hormone (HGH) will also induce ovulation if you have anovulatory cycles.

5.      Make sure you lie down on your back for a while after having IUI. Spotting after the procedure is normal.

6.      Be patient- it may take up to 4 cycles of IUI to become pregnant.

7.      Wait at least two weeks after IUI to do a pregnancy test.  A pregnancy done too early may give you a false negative.  If you had HGH with the IUI you need at least 2 weeks for the HGH level to represent your body’s levels to prevent having a false positive from the injected HGH

As with every woman planning to become pregnant, don’t forget to eat a healthy balanced diet rich in folate and omega-3s. Alcohol and tobacco, even second hand smoke can reduce fertility. Follow these tips and you will increase your IUI pregnancy success!